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1331 linden road
harlan, iowa 51537
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winter shop hours sun-tues: by appt only
wed: 10am-5pm | thurs: 11am-6pm
fri: 10am-5pm | sat: 10am-3pm
  • set up You may come fdsffdf 1 hour prior to your party for set up. Staff assistance is required when hanging anything on the walls. dfsds Command hooks are the only allowable adhesives to be carefully & correctly used on the walls. Outside entertainment is allowed, they may begin set up during your 1 hour set up time.
  • clean up Please leave the space as you found it. After your event you are allowed a 30 minutes for clean up. Clean up includes all trash is in trash bin & tied up, the floor is swept free of debris, heat/ac is turned off, and all counters & tables are wiped clean. Please leave all wall adhesives on the walls for staff to remove.