Two Trick Pony Quickdraw Perfume

a fragrance enhancer that can do not one trick, but two. with raw, clean, warm and golden happening all at the same time, two trick pony is designed to be worn with another parfum. as it lingers on your skin, it enhances other aromas. made only with base notes of crystal clear ambroxan and warm amber woods, we can’t promise you won’t be addicted at first spray. we also can’t promise you won’t want to wear it solo (see, two tricks in one).
  • 10 ml
  • quickdraw unisex perfumes featuring easy-to-use
  • smells like: amber / ambroxan / woods / musk
  • our goal with this enhancer was to make something pure and simple that compliments other fragrances well. Because of that, the wearer may become 'nose blind' to this scent when worn by itself, but trust us, everyone else can still smell it.
  • paraben-free hand mixed to order in nashville, tennesse // highest quality fragrance & essential oils

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